Our Story



The story begins way back in the history of Lancashire, more than 500 years ago at a river crossing in the Rossendale Valley. It was here that John Redfoot noticed something.

He sat and watched all of the travellers passing across the ford and not one of them had shoes without a hole or two. So, each person that came through the area, John Redfoot stitched, soled and patched their shoes and set them back on their travels.

Word traveled of his craftsmanship and soon people would make sure to stop off to have their shoes mended in exchange for a few coins.

And so, he did this day in and day out, passing his skills onto his children and grandchildren whilst establishing the family business; Redfoot.



Jump forward to 1888, Thomas Redfoot, distant grandson of John Redfoot, was walking down the streets of his local village in Lancashire looking at the shoes of everyone he passed.

Being the first half American in the Redfoot family, he had a different way of thinking. He knew something was wrong with peoples footwear; something he could change, something he could craft, something he could revolutionise.

Taking 500 years of Redfoot shoe know how, he began to invent new styles. Different shapes and sizes for anyone and everyone. He did this the Redfoot way, focusing on craftsmanship of the very best standards, to stand out himself from others.

And that’s just what he did, year in year out, delivering exceptional footwear that you knew you could trust. Always adapting with styles, yet always remaining true to their roots.

Over time, other Redfoot family members took over, evolving the business, the brand, and the Redfoot stamp of approval, but always following in their ancestors footsteps.

To this day, Redfoot is still family owned, and still making quality shoes.